Dianna Rathbun Obituary – Rathbun Obituary (1964 – 2021)

Dianna Rathburn Obituary – Death: RN Dianna Rathbun, a Pediatric Homecare Nurse, who was against getting immunized for Covid-19 has died. Dianna Rathbun, of Lowell, Michigan kicked the bucket on September 27, 2021, from difficulties of Covid-19. She was 57 years of age.

Medical caretaker Dianna was otherwise called an enemy of the masker. She gave an exceptionally enthusiastic discourse against covers and CRT at the Lowell School Board meeting on August 9.

One of the more “mentioned” passages on sorry anti-vaxxer. As per this eulogy, Dianna passed on September 27, 2021. She’s getting out and about on Twitter right now as the Nurse who introduced “proof” at the Lowell, MI educational committee meeting. We know she’s an enemy of the masker, would she say she was likewise and against vaxxer?

Dianna Rathburn’s enemy of veil discourse in August to the Lowell School Board became a web sensation. After a month she was dead from COVID.

They then, at that point, show a portion of her web-based media posts which are the standard spill from the counter cover swarm, before one of her connects to an article on a periphery site purportedly telling with regards to the insufficiency of the COVID immunizations. So it’s anything but a stretch to induce that she was an enemy of vaxxer too.

All exceptionally odd coming from an RN of 35 years, a pediatric medical attendant. In any case, maybe her MAGA cultism was more grounded than whatever else. In any case, she’s dead at age 57. A preventable passing as well as she likely persuaded others to follow her to an early grave.

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