Ertuğrul’s Cengiz Coşkun and Nurettin Sönmez partner with J. for their own fragrances

Ertuğrul’s Cengiz Coşkun and Nurettin Sönmez partner with J. for their own fragrances

Ertuğrul’s Cengiz Coşkun: J. has partnered with a Turkish star within the Diriliş: Ertuğrul series for a replacement fragrance, and consistent with marketing director Ahmed Ali, the 2 stars will soon be invited to go to Pakistan. Sensi Koshkun, who played Turguth Alp at the show, and Nuretinson Mez, who played Bamshi Belek, are new brand ambassadors for J.’s new fragrance line, launched on Saturday.


The brand has launched two fragrances, Warrior (Savasci) for Coşkun and Defender for Sönmez. Koshkun also shared his fragrance TVC on his Instagram account. Warrior perfumes sell for Rs 13,800 and Defenders for Rs 6,500. The brand describes the warrior as an intense oriental musky fragrance, and therefore the defender describes it as fougère with cardamom, bergamot, and violet leaf on top.


This is not the primary (or last) time a Pakistani brand has partnered with a Turkish star for an ad campaign. Esra Bilgić was the face of Peshawar Zalmi, Gulsim Ali was modeled after Maria B, and Engin Altan had a short-lived partnership with TikTok star Kashif Zamir Shodley. Ertuğrul’s Cengiz Coşkun It didn’t work. Two months ago, Halime Sultan stormed Pakistan, and therefore the Seljuk empire warrior princess turned to an area audience and immediately trapped it. She was a typical Islamic heroine. Her traditional headgear and headdresses are beautiful, brave, and justice like her hero, Ertugrul Gazi. She also showed what the Pakistani audience apparently wanted to ascertain.


Pakistan has been struck by the story of Dilliris: Ertugururu since the Urdu-dubbed Turkish drama began to air on national television. It’s an Islamic story that pretends to be ideal. there’s little historical evidence that it’s true, and even screenwriters admit that it’s mostly composed. It is related to religious references and features a hero who may be a villain who is completely holy and bravely defeated than you, never deviating from all the straight and narrow paths that are blessed. It’s all a touch too good to be true, but when it involves stories from history, it looks like the way the audience likes them.


Similarly, Pakistan was struck by Princess Harime. She presents a headache formula: not only cute but also respected, perfect mother, daughter, and sister, also as traditional in appearance, but fighting for honor and villains there’s also an interest within the love of Ertuğrul which will be dodged. Ertuğrul’s Cengiz Coşkun The local audience saw tons of attractive girls made outright. they’re already filled with devout buffs and loving, unjust starring actresses who have long suffered in local dramas. In contrast, Halime is exclusive. additionally, she appeals to the overall notion of what a Muslim woman should be. Never mind that there’s no historical evidence that she ever existed. She quickly created a sensation.


So is Esra Bilgić, a Turkish actress who plays the character. Esra’s Attempt at Dilliris El Tugururu led to 2018, except for Pakistan, she’s just conversant in the show and she’s Haleem. The Pakistanis are completely overwhelmed by Princess Harime and Esra Bilgić, who plays the long-lasting Ertuğrul character Gazi. What does a Turkish actress consider her newly found celebrity during a country 3,000 miles away?


Her social media follow-up has grown exponentially with an outsized influx of Pakistani followers, and since then there are many observations in Urdu within the comments section. Many call Esra Harim, which has passed the Lithomas test for a very popular character, where the audience begins to call actors by their on-screen names.
Another indicator of Esra’s immense popularity in Pakistan isn’t hesitating to send her to high school when fans find her confused.


She is usually praised for looking beautiful, but they find her in flashy clothes, pose with a person aside from her beloved Ertuğrul, and live her life sort of a normal modern woman. If so, they’re going to not refrain from indicating their disapproval. that’s Pakistan’s love for you — in its purest and purest form. Ertuğrul’s Cengiz Coşkun What does Islam believe in the newly acquired Pakistani fandom? Since Ertuğrul spread its wings to Pakistan and commenced to interrupt viewership records, it’s sometimes surpassed viewership in its native Turkey, but the cast and crew of the drama are new through social media messages, including Esra. Frequently contacted the viewers who earned.

They thanked their Pakistani fans for his or her gratitude, and in times of sorrow, they also dated us. for instance, when PIA’s PK8303 crashed, many cast members expressed their condolences via social media. Elsa went one step further and even contacted the family of mannequin Zara Abid, who died during a plane crash. Zara once praised Esra on his Instagram feed. Of course, this perception of Pakistan is that the result of the show’s continued popularity. In an exclusive conversation with Icon, Esra commented once I saw the Pakistani Prime Minister on the Turkish news channel and said that a successful project like Ertuğrul should be aired on an area channel, I used to be also surprised and proud. If we had an epidemic Had it not been, I might have visited Pakistan several times before.


Similar comments were made by her fellow cast members of Ertugrul. Does this mean that a number of them are going to be seen in Pakistan after the coronavirus pandemic has finally progressed? For Esra, a minimum of the solution is positive. Yes, it’s better than being late! She confirms. once I work with Pakistani brands, we meet when all this is often done. I will be able to share for the primary time that I’m trying to figure out three of Pakistan’s most beloved brands. this may soon be. it’ll be announced by the media.

Which brands are these? I wish I had burned Esra about this. Unfortunately, a large-scale planned exclusive interview with the actress was hampered by an obstacle course that traversed the busy work schedule of translators, managers, and Esra, and did not proceed as planned. during this era of social media, where you’ll meet up with just a WhatsApp phone, despite my tenacity, I still couldn’t communicate with the actress for an extended time.


Even the temptation of an outsized interview during a Pakistani newspaper couldn’t do the trick, but it must be enthusiastically read by Esra’s huge Pakistani fans. Unfortunately from the interviewer’s point of view, but from Esra’s point of view, she should have taken this chance to urge Pakistan to understand her better.


In our limited communication, Esra was still unable to disclose the brand’s name but said they were the three most beloved in Pakistan. Of course, this revelation isn’t surprising. Dirilis: Immediately after Ertugrul’s success in Pakistan, local actors like Shaan Shahid and Yasir Hussain predicted that cast members of the series would likely participate in product approval in Pakistan. This can mean less support for local actors. But from a brand perspective, and knowing that big fans of the drama are following, it can potentially bring enormous benefits.



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