Faisal Shaikh (Mr. Faisu) Wiki, Age, Girlfriends & Team07


Faisal Shaikh

Faisal Shaikh

Model, Tik Tok Star, Actor


5 Oct 1994


Biography/ Wiki

Faisal Shaikh ( Mr. Faisu ) was born on Friday, 5 Oct 1994 (age twenty-five years; as in 2020), in Dharavi, Mumbai. He completed his schooling at IES New English School, Bandra, Mumbai. Later, he joined the Rizvi school of Arts, Science, and Commerce in Bandra, Mumbai, to complete his graduation. His zodiac sign is Libra.

Physical Appearance

Height (approx.): 5′ 9″

Eye Colour: Black

Hair Colour: Black

Family, Caste & Girlfriend

The biggest creator was about the relationship of Jubair when both of them did with each other. The pair was lovely; this couple liked the music director Ramji Gulati also liked Ramji. Gulati made a Song Songs in Dubai with both of them and became a good friend of each other, which is still seen by looking at a single action. Still, during an interview, any relationship also said.

That we are just good friends, do not have much more than that, now Mr. Faju is about some of the exciting facts of Mr. Faju, before that IT alerts are made there, Mr. Faisu’s dream is one day. The whole big team is Shahrukh Khan, and Salman Khan and Deepika Padukone, and Alia Bhatt were in Ahmedabad. During the shoot, he ignored the hotel’s name in his video; after some time, the video was there. Thousands of fans have become hours, then the police came and took out Jerry Cartoon Fei liked his sister was done because there was then there.


Faisal Shaikh started creating TikTok videos along with his team members. His cluster is called Team 07, consisting of the 5 members and male monarch Shaikh, Hasnain Khan, Adnaan Shaikh, Faiz Baloch, and Shadan Farooqui.

Creating a video would have been very good, though creating a video making videos and not even dying. Let it stop all it was not all to stop Mr. Faju Tick Talk was so much that he started making video as soon as he got up. He used to make a video in his house before making a video in his house.

He used to make outdoor videos and made 10 to 15 videos in the day, and due to the content, his team’s hard work The color brought. It became fame increasingly in a few days. The biggest reveals that those who have got such a significant punishment were hoped to make their videos even after supporting them very much. Wherever the video used to take a crowd of fans, I had to work harder, but they somehow managed them. Their Tick Talk was going well, but 1 day morning Mr. Faju’s Selvas Tan.

In 2018, Team 07’s uploaded their initial video on YouTube, ‘ Tere Jaisa Yaar Kahan.’ Later, the male monarch started creating videos on TikTok. His first video on TikTok was ‘Tu Aati Hai Seene Mein.’ He got solely 600 likes on this video. He is continually making videos and later got the large quality along with his TikTok videos. He makes 13-14 videos daily on TikTok. He has numerous fans on his TikTok account.

He makes videos with different TikTokers like Awez Darbar, Riyaz Aly, Jannat Zubair Rahmani, and Avneet Kaur. He’s one of every of the foremost fashionable TikTok stars in India. He has pretty nine million followers on Instagram.


He landed into an enormous difference once Faisal and different Team 07 uploaded a video on TikTok that supported the slaying of Tabrez in 2019. within the video, they said,

Innocent Tabrez was killed. However, if Tabrez’s son grows up and takes revenge, then Muslims shouldn’t be termed as terrorists.”

Mr. Faisu was criticized for making hate associate degreed bitterness among the people. Later, the knife Sena activist Ramesh Solanki filed an FIR against them. As a result, the TikTok accounts of the 3 members of Team 07 were suspended. TikTok mentioned,

TikTok has zero-tolerance for content that incites violence against different users or any content that violates its Community Guidelines. In line with this, the video in question that has profaned our Community Guidelines is no longer on the market on TikTok.

Thus we’ve suspended 3 user accounts and are cooperating with enforcement agencies. The three user accounts belonged to Hasnain Khan, Faisal Shaikh, and Sadhan Farooqui.”

Later, Faisal and his team uploaded a standing on their Instagram account apologizing for the public’s emotions.

Favorite Things


  • His full name is Shaikh Mahomet Mudassir Faisal.
  • He is in style among his followers as mister Faisu.
  • While he was in college, he wont to perform bike stunts with the opposite members of Team 07. Initially, Team 07 was their biker group’s name
  • During his school days, he wont to work as a salesperson for his pocket money.
  • His initial live event with the opposite members of Team 07 was in Ahmedabad, Gujarat.
  • He has received several awards for being one of the most effective social media influencers.
  • In 2019, he launched his own complete toilet article named ‘2407 Crush Deodorant.
  • He is a fitness freak and daily workouts for pretty much a pair of hours within the gymnasium.
  • His hobbies embrace dancing, traveling, and disbursal time along with his friends.
  • He likes to eat non-vegetarian food.
  • He is typically noticed smoking Hukka at parties.

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