How Many People Has Michael Myers Killed? Halloween Kill Count Explored

David Gordon Green once again presented the scary latest chapter of the Slaser Halloween Kills franchise to a horrible audience, in which Jamie Lee Curtis once again drove to kill the evil Michael Myers. Next, we’ll talk about Halloween calls and the countdown to the murder of Michael Myers across the franchise.

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Halloween Kills takes the story straight from the events of its predecessor and exists as the second chapter in the third trilogy to reboot Green, the previously announced ending of Halloween. And the number of villain deaths in this sector is staggering.

How many people did Michael Myers kill?

Michael Myers collected at least 27 deaths during Halloween calls, some mass killings, and a number of unconfirmed people.

Before the death of Halloween, the count of Michael’s murder was already astronomical. After watching all the previous Halloween movies, including the Halloween murders and the reboot of Rob Zombie in 2018, Michael Myers killed about 170 people.

Below, we highlight the Halloween killings as well as the franchise deaths.


At the beginning of the film, Michael started the Halloween killings by killing 11 firefighters as soon as he left the burning house.

He then killed an elderly couple on their way to the family home. Then Marion, Marcus, Vanessa and a local teenager are killed. Only Lindsay survived the meeting.

Then Michael started killing the big and the small who lived in the killer’s house. Before killing Cameron and Lonnie, they try to silence the killer in his house.

The masked villain became famous when the Heidenfield mob advanced to defeat Michael, and then the killer miraculously returned and continued to kill at least five townspeople, including Tommy.

The film ends with Michael returning to his sister’s room at the family home to kill Karen.
Halloween franchise.
Below, we describe the victims of Michael Myers during the Halloween franchise.


Halloween (1978) – Judith Margaret Myers, Christopher Hastings, Anna Brigitte, Bob Sims and Linda van der Clock
Halloween II (1981) – Alice Martin, Ben Trammer, Debra Lane, Mr. Garrett, Bad Scarlotti, Nurse Karen Bailey, Dr. Frederick Maxter, Nurse Janet Marshall, Nurse Virginia Elvis, Nurse Illil Fran and Marshall Terrence Gamel.
Halloween 4 (1988) – Audience Jay Blake, L.A. Evans, Mechanic, Waitress, Bucky, Vice Pierce, Ted Holster, Logan Associate, Kelly Maker, Brady, Orion Gateway, Alan. “Big El” Gateway, Inger, Earlford, Darlene Carrots. 2 rescuers and 2 police officers.
Halloween Five staff
Halloween 6 (1995) – Mary Motorst, Jamie Lloyd, Debra Strud, Johnon Strod, Barry Sims, Tim Strod, Beth, Hospital Patient, Dr. Terrence Wayne, Ph.D. Bonham, another nurse and five other doctors.
Halloween X20 (1998) – Myowie Howell, Tony Allegar, Nurse Marion Whittington, Charles DeVrue, Sarah Ventrop, Will Brennan and others.
Halloween: Doomsday (2002) – Franklin Monroe, Willie Haynes, Laurie Stroud, Charlie Albans, Bill Woodlake, Donna Chang, Inaine Denzig, Jim Morgan, Rudy Grimes, Nora Winston and the Mortuary Nurse.
Halloween (2007) Wesley Rhodes, Ronnie White, Steve Haley, Judith Myers, Nurse Wayne, Deborah Myers, Jack Kendall, Noel Klogs, Zack Garrett, Larry Red Grave, Stan Pine, Patti Frost, Gloria, Grigley, Bob Sims, Linda van der Clock, Mason Strod, Cynthia Strod, Paul Friedman, Officer Lowry and Deputy Charles.
Halloween II (2009) – Coroner Hicks, Gary Scott, Nurse Octavia Daniels, Nurse, Buddy, Floyd, Sherman Benny, Azezin Benny, Howard Blogs, Lou Martini, Misty Down, Wolf, Harley David, Vice Andy Blow Annie Brackett, Maya Rockwell, Becks, Dr. Sam Lumes, Michael Myers.
Halloween 2018-Guard, Dad, Kid, Mechanic, Cashier, Aaron Korey, Dana Haines, Old Woman, Young Woman, Vicky, Dave, Oscar, Hawkins, Dr. Sartain, Deputy Walker, Deputy Keeves, and Ray. Michael Myers Killed

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