How Offshore Accident Lawyer Services Helps a Maritime Worker

Working offshore can be thrilling, but it also can also sometimes be very dangerous. Lawsuits can come up unexpectedly and you may find yourself in an awkward position if you have suffered an injury while working offshore. Regardless, of how many safety precautions you follow, accidents and serious injuries are always common, particularly when working offshore. Injuries can occur from being crushed by a falling platform, being burned by offshore oil or diesel emissions, or being struck by an offshore ship. Some of these injuries may require surgery, while others can be treated with time. However, an offshore accident lawyer can help you receive compensation for your injuries from an offshore accident.

Common Injuries at Offshore

  1. Slipping And Falling

One common injury experienced offshore is slipping and falling. Employees often walk across the decks in the night without any means of seeing their surroundings. They may not be aware that the water is icy cold. During the night, they may slip and fall onto the deck where they may injure themselves. An offshore accident lawyer can help you seek compensation for your injuries.

  1. Wrongful death

Another common injury sustained offshore is a wrongful death caused by a negligent or reckless act or inaction on the part of another person. Negligence is when a person does something that he or she should know would result in harm or death to someone else. The most common cases involved traffic mishaps, collisions between commercial vessels, or accidents on cruise ships. A maritime law firm can help you receive the compensation you deserve for wrongful death.

  1. Back Pain

One of the most common injuries offshore lawyers handle is back pain. Back injuries are common among offshore workers because of the nature of the jobs they perform. They’re also common among foreign laborers working in the construction sites of developing countries. Oftentimes, these workers live and work in countries where safety measures aren’t always observed. As a result, many back injuries are sustained. An offshore lawyer can help these workers receive proper compensation for their spinal cord injuries.

  1. Whiplash Injuries

Other common offshore injuries are whiplash injuries. Sometimes, this type of injury occurs when someone is working on something that turns suddenly and causes the person’s head to snap forward unexpectedly. Whiplash can result in permanent damage to the soft tissues of the neck. An offshore accident lawyer can help victims of this type of injury get proper compensation for their injuries.

  1. Vehicle Accidents

It’s not just back and neck injuries that offshore lawyers can help with. Many victims of vehicle accidents also have problems related to their vehicle insurance policies. Because these companies do not provide comprehensive coverage for medical care and other expenses incurred in an accident, injured offshore workers may need to take out other types of insurance coverage. Such policies may include liability coverage and personal injury protection. If the driver of an uninsured vehicle is found to be at fault for an accident involving injury to a worker, the driver may need to pay out-of-pocket compensation to cover medical bills and other expenses.

  1. Negligence

Negligence is another common cause of injury in many offshore fields. This is a particularly serious issue if you are injured in an accident caused by the negligence of another individual or company. An offshore injury attorney can help you claim compensation to cover your medical bills, lost wages, pain and suffering, and other possible losses related to your injury. Again, if the driver of an uninsured vehicle is found to be at fault for an accident involving injury to a worker, he or she may also have to pay out-of-pocket compensation to cover medical bills and other expenses.

No one is perfect

Accidents happen. No one is perfect. When offshore accident lawyers get involved, they can work with you to determine who is to blame for your injuries and what the best course of action is for you. Some people sustain injuries from slips and fall while others are injured due to mechanical failures. There are many other types of injuries that may occur and it is best to consult with a qualified offshore accident lawyer so that they can evaluate your case.

If you have a loved one that was aboard the ship that capsized, you will need to compensate for their medical bills and loss of wages. There are also lost income issues that will be determined by the court. Some of the other expenses you may be responsible for including loss of time away from work, counseling fees, funeral costs, and more. An offshore accident lawyer can help you receive the fair compensation that you deserve because they have experience with cases like yours.

What Employers Often Do?

Employers often do not understand the hazards of offshore accidents. These can lead to serious injuries and even death. An offshore accident lawyer knows all the laws and how to fight your case in court. They have dealt with and successfully represented numerous maritime workers that were hurt at sea. They know exactly what to expect and how to deal with insurance companies.

Employers often avoid accidents on the high seas because of the risk of injury or death. You should always check with your employer whether they have any special training programs for those that are working offshore. They need to ensure their employees are not distracted by work in another location. They may provide their employees with safety equipment that would include life jackets and safety harnesses. This would make working offshore much safer. An accident lawyer that has experience in these types of cases will know what employers to contact and how to proceed when there was an accident.

When a maritime worker is injured


When a maritime worker is injured in an offshore accident they can sue the employer for compensation. Arnold &ggies has been representing employers for 20 years providing them with the legal assistance needed. Our experienced team of lawyers is committed to protecting the rights of our clients and will work tirelessly to bring them justice. We will work with you to achieve the best possible settlement. Contact us today and let us help you find the compensation you deserve.

Offshore Accident Lawyers Helps Offshore Workers Claim Compensation

If you’re an offshore worker, an offshore lawyer is just the kind of expert you want on your side. If you work offshore on an offshore oil rig or construction site, you’ve got a tough job. Many accidents on such worksites aren’t fatal, but they could still be very serious, even life-threatening. You need an offshore accident lawyer to assist you in making your claim and to help ensure that you receive the full compensation you deserve. An offshore accident lawyer can also keep tabs on his/her own offshore lawyers so as to know who to approach when there’s a legal issue with another offshore worker.

One of the main problems offshore workers and their families face is finding adequate compensation for their injuries and lost wages. The compensation may come from the company responsible for your injury, or it may come from the government. The main problem lies in the fact that offshore businesses and government agencies are often two different entities. One may be better able to compensate you for your loss than the other. In these cases, offshore lawyers’ services can really come into play.

Injured offshore workers

When it comes to workers and injured offshore workers, it is important to hire the services of offshore accident lawyers who specialize in this area of general maritime law. These specialized lawyers know all of the ins and outs of maritime laws. They can also give the best advice about how to recover compensation for injury caused by the negligence of another individual or company.

Final Verdict

One of the main concerns that offshore accident lawyers face is proving that a person or company was negligent enough to cause an accident. For this reason, victims of auto accidents often retain the services of a Florida-based personal injury or accident law firm. These experienced professionals have handled hundreds of cases that have won millions of dollars in damages for offshore accidents. Because they are experts in this area of the law, their clients are confident that they will receive the fair compensation that they deserve.

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