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Ian Cranston Video – Formal charges still can’t seem to be recorded against a white man blamed for shooting and killing a Black man in midtown Bend on Sept 19.

Barry Washington Jr. was unarmed when he kicked the bucket after a solitary gunfire wound, authorities said. He was 22. Bend cops were called to the scene soon after 12 PM and captured Ian MacKenzie Cranston, 27. Cranston was set up for prison on doubt of second-degree homicide and before long presented a $10,000 bond on be delivered.

Deschutes County District Attorney John Hummel said specialists are as yet figuring out what charges Cranston will confront. Investigators mean to look for arraignment by introducing proof to a fantastic jury before Oct. 5.

The fast arrival of the denounced shooter and law implementation’s underlying public depiction of the occasions paving the way to Washington’s killing have insulted a portion of his loved ones, as indicated by various web-based media posts.

Hummel said the occasions Saturday began with Washington drawing closer and commending a lady portrayed as Cranston’s better half. A camcorder caught the following fight affecting a few groups, Hummel said, with pushing and punches tossed outside of the Capitol bar in Bend.

“The punches had halted and it was only some yelling. And afterward, by then, Cranston threatened to use a firearm out of his belt and shot,” as indicated by the lead prosecutor.

Hummel said there was “no defense” for Cranston’s utilization of the weapon.

“The inquiry I need to choose is whether Cranston’s choice to shoot was spurred to some degree by [Washington’s] race,” he added. “By the day’s end, it comes down to what exactly was his inspiration at the moment that he carried out the wrongdoing.”

A Facebook profile seems to have a place with Cranston recognized him as a mechanical engineer in the rifle division at Nosler, an ammo producing organization situated in Bend. The profile additionally recorded an assembling educator position with Clackamas Community College. A representative for the school affirmed Cranston was low maintenance employee from April 2018 until March 2020. Screenshots of Cranston’s posts were acquired by OPB, yet couldn’t be freely checked in light of the fact that the profile was presently not openly visible by Tuesday morning, following Cranston’s delivery from prison. Pictures from the now-shut web-based media account show various posts from 2011 and 2012 utilizing the n-word. Another post, evidently made when Cranston was around 17, peruses: “AR-15, here I come!!”

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