Joe Walser Death – How Did He Died?

Joe Walser Death – Joe Walser Jr, long-term Oklahoma City golf ace, prime supporter of Oak Tree National, and later the main designer of a portion of the country’s top golf resorts while a VP of Landmark Land Co. passed on Thursday in Dallas after a long fight with Alzheimer’s.

Walser was 79 and would have arrived at his 80th birthday celebration on May 14.

A long-lasting PGA proficient who worked at Yukon Country Club, Lake Hefner Golf Course, and for a very long time was head proficient at Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club, Walser constructed a standing as an agreeable, dependable professional with a sharp eye for ability. At the point when he collaborated with hard-driving Texas genius Ernie Vossler, it was one of those otherworldly pairings which helped both their professions soar.

In 1971, Walser and Vossler framed Unique Golf Concepts. In the wake of adding their companion Johnny Pott, they started the improvement of Marsh Island Golf Club in Ocean Springs, Miss., alongside The Cardinal Club in Greensboro, NC, and Oak Tree Golf Club. In 1974 Landmark Land Co. bought Unique Golf Concepts and Walser was named VP accountable for golf tasks, green plan, and development while Jerry Barton joined as the advancement master. Walser worked intimately with Pete Dye on the development of both Oak Tree Golf Club, which opened in 1976, and later Oak Tree Country Club, which opened in 1981.

The Oak Tree and Landmark logo would later become one of the most unmistakable images in golf. Walser and Vossler prodded the advancement of PGA West and LaQuinta Hotel Golf and Tennis Resort. Other well-known golf and land adventures the pair chipped away at incorporate Mission Hills, Carmel Valley Ranch Resort, Kiawah Island Inn and Golf Resort, Palm Beach Polo and Country Club, and Moreno Valley Ranch.

“Jack Nicklaus once revealed to me that he sold a ton of Golden Bear golf shirts, yet wherever he went he saw the Oak Tree logo,” said Doug Tewell, a long-lasting Oak Tree occupant, and resigned PGA Tour and Champions Tour golf player. “Jack had a great deal of deference for what Joe and Ernie achieved.”

Gil Morgan was one of the first to acknowledge Walser’s encouragement to join and inhabit the new club. The course opened in 1976 and the main houses were worked in 1978. Morgan moved in 1979 and has been there since.

“At the point when we began, there was one supermarket in Edmond and several farmhouses. There wasn’t a single thing from Edmond Road to Waterloo Road,” Morgan said. “The vision those folks had was remarkable.”

Walser saw early the benefit of having stars like Morgan, Tewell, Danny, and David Edwards, Mark Hayes, Bob Tway, Scott Verplank and others live and golf at Oak Tree and wear the logo on Tour. He made it simple, fun, and helpful for them to be individuals.

Oak Tree, one of Dye’s magnum opuses, facilitated the 1988 PGA Championship and was granted the 1994 PGA Championship. Be that as it may, Landmark got in a lethal piece with the Resolution Trust Corporation and later lost a large portion of its resources. The epic fight with the public authority caused significant damage inwardly, actually, and monetarily on both Walser and the weak Vossler, for whom Arnold Palmer and Jack Nicklaus consolidated on an asset raiser the previous winter to assist him with meeting his costs.

Walser has a sibling, Terry Walser, living in Edmond. He has two children, Jeff and Steve, and a little girl Susan Cranston of Dallas.

Stomach muscle Justice, proprietor of Justice Golf Car Company in Oklahoma City, has been companions with Walser since the two were young men playing at the previous Capital Hill Golf Course in south Oklahoma City in around 1941.

“I gave Joe his first golf example,” Justice said. “It seems like a really long time back. We’ve been companions for quite a while.”

Alsie Hyden, overseer of golf at Lake Hefner Golf Course, came to Oklahoma City in 1968 when Walser moved to OKC Golf and CC. The two had been companions since their first year at Oklahoma State University.

“He was only a hero,” Hyden said. “Joe was non-angry and Ernie was the inverse, so they were a decent mix when it came to working together. Simultaneously, he was a visionary. He thought beyond practical boundaries and what he got cultivated was enormous.”

“Joe was extremely associated with the club part of things,” said Morgan, who was Vossler’s understudy. “Joe was more affable and better ready to manage enrollment issues. Ernie would here and there get out of hand with thoughts.”

“The two of them had an extraordinary comprehension of how to get things done. A milestone was the best engineer in the country until the RTC thing. They comprehended the connection between Tour players and golf players. They didn’t charge for trucks and reach balls. The objective was to sell land and use golf as a vehicle for individuals to come and construct houses. Right off the bat, they didn’t attempt to rake in tons of cash out of the golf.”

Walser is a main explanation such countless individuals from the Oak Tree Gang have remained in Edmond all through their professions and aided turn Oak Tree, both what is presently Oak Tree National and the close by 36-opening Oak Tree Country Club, into perhaps the best golf development in the southwest.

“Joe was only an exquisite man,” Tewell said. “He was the delicate side of that matching while Ernie was the persistent person. They thought of building a gathering of folks to address them. It was an honor to be important for that and still is.”

“They were extraordinary visionaries. This resembles the conclusion of a significant time period. Joe will unquestionably be missed.”

For additional on Walser from his Landmark memoir:

At the point when Joe Walser, Jr. gone to Capitol Hill High School in Oklahoma City, his golf crew won three State Championships. His abilities were perceived with a full grant to Oklahoma State University where his group won a few Conference Championships, and he procured a Bachelor in Education. Walser proceeded to win 25 novice competitions including the Oklahoma State Amateur and the Oklahoma Open, which drove him to a fruitful profession in golf. Walser “turned expert” in 1959 and joined the PGA Tour.

Following two years on the PGA Tour, Walser set out on what became 15 years in places of head golf proficient, senior supervisor, and overseer of golf at Oklahoma City Golf and Country Club, Lake Hefner Golf Club, and Altus Country Club. Walser filled in as leader of the South Central Section of the PGA of America for two back-to-back years and served two terms on the PGA of America Board of Directors.

In 1970, Walser was given the PGA of America Horton Smith Award which perceived his commitments to the training of individual golf experts. Walser’s obligation to schooling and preparing of the business viewpoints in the calling of golf is proven by his tutoring of numerous remarkable club golf experts like Jim Brotherton Jr., a new PGA of America Golf Professional of the Year. Today, Walser keeps up with the nearby ties he created through the PGA of America and the PGA Tour with the’s “who” in golf including Deane Beman, Arnold Palmer, Jack Nicklaus, Pete Dye, Jim Awtrey, Pat Rielly, and numerous other people who an affect Walser’s life and passed on him with critical stories to share. . .

By the mid-1980s, worldwide acknowledgment, through proficient golf and land advancement, was acquired for Landmark’s “Oak Tree” logo and the “Milestone Experience.”

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