Kasey Brooks Augusta Ga Fight Video – Mom Goes To Court Over Assault On Day-Care Teacher

Kasey Brooks Augusta Ga Fight Video – Most recent debate Kasey Brooks Video Augusta GA cut film with her child harmful educator in Crawfordville, Georgia becomes a web sensation via web-based media Twitter, Reddit, and youtube after the 28-year elderly person assaulted a Catholic pre-teacher who attacked her non-verbal 2-year-old child.

In a most recent refreshed assertion, the Columbia County Sheriff’s Office

delivered an explanation that a neighborhood church school program instructor has been gotten free from any bad behavior after an exhaustive audit of video proof.

“After a careful survey of video proof, agents have reasoned that no wrongdoing happened. We asked our District Attorney’s Office to survey the case and ADA Natalie Payne agreed with our findings” Some chose remarks from web clients

That educator merits all that awful that goes to her and the sky is the limit from there. What a contemptible individual she is, that helpless mother. My heart breaks for her however thank god her child is away and out of that climate Things that make you go geeā€¦.Why did the lawyer deliver the video of this “instructor” getting her simply remunerates and NOT a video that would demonstrate his customer’s honesty?? Mom bear is going to do what mom bears do. I don’t fault her a piece. Possibly it will make another kid victimizer really reconsider laying hands on somebody’s youngster in that manner. I went to a Catholic school growing up right until I graduated. I didn’t send my twins to one they moved on from a public secondary school in the school region where their grandparents live. I have been telling individuals for the longest that there is no distinction at the Catholic schools aside from the way that there’s an educational cost that must be paid, religion class instructed, we go to mass now and then, and there’s likely a couple of more elective classes that can be taken than at a state-funded school, and I might be off-base on that one.

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