Kevin Martens Obituary – Death

Kevin Martens Obituary – Kevin Martens was one of Gus Ka polka’s first recruits after he was named Cedar Springs’ varsity football trainer in 2013.

“He had an unequivocal obligation to the children, and he didn’t have a personality concerning who got acknowledge for progress as long as the children were dealt with and treated right,” Ka polka said. “That is the thing that propelled Kevin and that turned out to be extremely clear in only one discussion I had with Kevin from the get-go after I was employed.”

Ka polka revealed to Thursday, Sept. 16, 2021, that Martens has died. Ka polka didn’t have any data on the reason for death, expressing that it was sudden.

Martens, a 1993 Kent City High School graduate, filled in as a social investigation educator at Cedar Springs Middle School, and he trained Red Hawks football for more than 20 years. Martens recently instructed under lead trainer Brian Busan before joining Kapalua’s staff. Martens instructed the Red Hawks’ guarded line and center school track, as well.

“I have been a lead trainer for quite a long time and I have instructed for 25 or more years, and he is no doubt the best cautious line mentor I have worked at any point ever with,” Kapalua said. “That is tiny to say since he was a superior man, spouse, and father than he was a D-line mentor. Yet, he was exceptional as a D-line mentor.”

Martens is made due by his better half Amy Martens and four kids. The Cedar Springs Public Schools Facebook page revealed that the school’s questioning group has been working with understudies at the secondary school and center school in gatherings and one-on-one, adding that extra help will be given by a head or guide at the two schools depending on the situation.

“Kevin had a huge reach and a huge effect, and he was a great deal of children’s number one educator and a ton of players’ #1 mentor,” Kapalua said. “He was one of my #1 individuals to mentor with. He was an overall huge person and an enormous person who affected endless quantities of children and individuals in Cedar Springs and Kent City throughout his really short life.”

All Cedar Springs football exercises for Thursday have been dropped. The Red Hawks will play Kenora Hills Friday.

“The arrangement is to play a game tomorrow evening at Kenora Hills at 7 o’clock and lament as a family,” Kapalua said. “Today is a decent day for everyone to hit the delay button, go be with loved ones and give everyone you love an embrace and look at them without flinching and disclose to them that you love them.”


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