Lori Bova Missing – 24 years Later, Lori Bova’s Disappearance Still Haunts Family

Lori Bova Missing – Lori, her better half Tyrone, and her sister went to supper at the Red Lobster eatery on east Fairmont Avenue in Lakewood, New York during the evening long periods of June 7, 1997. Lori and Tyrone withdrew from the diner at roughly 10:30 p.m.

Her better half let specialists know that he and Lori had a contention after they got back to their condo on New York Avenue and, at 2:00 a.m. on June 8, Lori went outside to smoke a cigarette and go for a stroll. She stayed away forever and has never been seen again. Tyrone advised relatives of her vanishing a couple of hours after the fact, and they looked through Lakewood in their vehicles prior to calling the police.

A while after Lori’s vanishing, a bunch of long human hair was found in Chautauqua Lake and specialists scanned the water for her remaining parts. No proof was found and the hair turned out not to be hers. She left her tote, cash, and ID behind, and since her vanishing, she hasn’t removed any cash from her ledger. At the hour of her vanishing, Lori worked at Kay Jewelers at the nearby shopping center.

Tyrone never helped out the examination and is viewed as an individual of interest, yet no charges have been documented against him or any other person. Lori’s mom kicked the bucket in 2010 while never learning her destiny, however, her dad is as yet alive. Tyrone remarried after her vanishing. In 2018, he, his subsequent spouse, and one of their young children were completely killed in a fender bender.

Lori’s case stays strange and she’s viewed as absent under dubious conditions.

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