REMAKING A RIVER The generally publicized Ravi Riverfront Urban Development Project is being advanced by the public authority as a silver projectile for endless suburbia, lodging, water, and contamination issues in Lahore. Be that as it may, a more intensive look brings up issues in pretty much every one of the refined cases. So who is it valuable for?

On a reviving winter morning, Lahore and its environmental factors are covered with a thick layer of earthy-colored murkiness. The Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) is holding a conference in Tehsil Ferrozwara to request remarks on natural endorsement for the Rabbi Riverfront Urban Development Project. Occasion coordinators share a picture of a city equivalent to Dubai (future city Ravi) as the scene steadily loads up with governments, security authorities, ranchers, local locations, public delegates, and different regular citizens. Expands the splendor of the projector screen.


Sitting in the farmland in a neighborhood that has questions about the venture, you will find that it has no association with the truth of the territory. Notwithstanding the absence of data given by the specialists, obviously, the new city doesn’t have assigned scavenge space for ranchers and occupants looking for land.

Toward the beginning of the show, Environmental Impact Assessment (EIA) experts guarantee that the undertaking will diminish earthy-colored murkiness and improve the climate in Lahore. In commendation of the task, he demands:

Lahore is fanning out. On the off chance that we don’t fabricate this city, this will keep on occurring. The farmland will be gulped in an assignment way, and it will improve the yield of the excess farmland. It likewise makes a difference. We give motivators. We center around no man’s land. Truth be told, we increment farmland.

Without the boycott, unmistakably ranchers and local people won’t have confidence in any of these assertions once the Q and A meeting starts.

This venture wasn’t intended to improve the climate or address our issues, however, it’s for individuals who are keen on the advantages of land, says a rancher’s delegate. We are prepared to help tidy up the Rabbi River, REMAKING A RIVER however, we won’t ever permit Dubai to be based on our territory or home, he added. At the point when it’s set, different ranchers in participation will give a major adulation.


Lahore is wrecked, they say. There is a lack of water, which is accepted to be the motivation behind why the public authority chose to keep renewing the Rabbi River.

There is no question that managing water deficiencies in urban communities are fundamental. Yet, part of the thinking of an answer is to scrutinize the advancement plan. For instance, if the primary reason for the undertaking is to rejuvenate the waterway, for what reason would the public authority attempt to assemble new urban areas on one or the other side of the stream?

Public interview and task materials give a few answers. Like waterway recovery, new urban areas are supposed to be fundamental for Lahore’s endurance. It should meet the lodging needs of a developing populace, improve the climate, make new positions and fill in as a recreation objective. A task representative said the work plan blunders made in Lahore will be revised in the new city to address the issues of the populace reasonably.

In any case, as the fights around the venture show, there are no errands the world is persuaded of.

This article looks at the public authority’s cases and discovers that the reasoning is misdirecting. A more intensive look uncovers that the proposed project is against poor people and the climate and expects to inspire dauntlessness through land hypothesis.


In August 2020, Minister of Basic Affairs Imran Khan dispatched a 5 trillion rupee megaproject in the city of Rabbi. Imagined as Pakistan’s second-biggest arranged city after Islamabad, REMAKING A RIVER the improvement plan covers 102,074 plots of land in 30 years and serves 10 to 12.5 million individuals (comparable to the genuine populace of Lahore). mean to accomplish something. ..

The proposed project expects to resuscitate the Ravi River as a wellspring of fresh water through the development of dams and lakes and to create quality private, modern, business and diversion zones on the two banks of northwestern Lahore. ..

The venture’s promotion shows a city equivalent to Dubai, with high rises along the promenade, and a white family giving off an impression of being cycling and strolling along the promenade. REMAKING A RIVER The task’s site expresses that the private city will be worked with extravagance style lodging advancement that raises the mental fortitude of the land and the premium of the market.

The undertaking depends on Imran Khan’s vision, yet plans to execute the Rabbi Riverfront project have been around for just about 15 years. Draftsman Hara Basil Malik wrote in a 2014 Tanqeed article: This undertaking was first imagined in 2006 when plan conversations occurred among planners and regions and global researchers. I wrote in a 2014 Tanqeed article. These plans are pointed toward executing them.

The advancement of new urban areas and riverside projects isn’t one of a kind to Pakistan. As of late, a few new urban communities and riverside projects have been arranged in Asia and Africa. REMAKING A RIVER Teacher Vanessa Watson of the African City Center said that numerous urban communities in sub-Saharan Africa have changed themselves “in the picture of urban areas like Dubai, Shanghai, and Singapore and are practical savvy urban areas and brilliant urban communities. It expresses that it is showcasing itself. city. Their vision is as an unmistakable difference to the truth of the territory and the requirements of local people living in neediness. She tracked down that these metropolitan dream plans were planned essentially to address the issues of center and major league salary workers. His words about urban communities on the African landmass likewise apply to the Ravi City project.


The Ravi project isn’t executed by any of the substances that right now work in the city of Lahore. To carry out the task, the Punjab Parliament passed certain enactment in 2019 and set up the Ravi Urban Development Authority (Ruda). Under the Ravi Urban Development Authority Act 2020, Ruda is permitted full control of the undertaking region as an overexploitation organization. The Lahore Development Authority (LDA) and the nearby legislatures of Lahore, Gujranwala, and Sialkot are subordinate to Ruda.


As per Articles 48 and 49 of the Act, specialists, and their workers are absolved from lawful procedures and any court or other power acts performed or acted in compliance with common decency under this Act. You can get some information about the lawfulness of the law. In line with the specialists. Therefore, there are restricted components for making specialists responsible.


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