Suicide Squad Director James Gunn Reacts To Alec Baldwin Shooting Tragedy

James Gunn, director of the 2021 film The Suicide Squad, reacted to the tragic shooting during the shooting of Rust. On Thursday, October 21, news of the shooting on the set of the movie started coming in Santa Fe. Eventually, it was revealed that cameraman Halina Hutchins had been killed and that the tragedy was the result of props fired by actor and producer Alec Baldwin. The incident took place during the shooting of the upcoming Western film and also injured director Joel Souza.

The effects and seriousness of Hutchins’ tragic death provoked an emotional outcry throughout the film industry. Many have called for greater security on film sets and even a complete ban on props. Hutchins’ father, Anatoly Androsovich, recently issued a statement saying he did not hold Baldwin responsible for his daughter’s death, but instead said it was the responsibility of “those who carry weapons.” Is imposed on In response to the tragedy, Baldwin tweeted a statement expressing his “great shock and grief” at the “tragic accident”.

Why Props Can Be Deadly: A Real Danger on Movie Sets

Now, James Gunn talks about the ongoing debate on seat security and security. Gunn tweeted in response to an LA Times article discussing several Blue Gun deaths throughout history. Describing the debate as “valuable”, the director said he feared the feature of the debate would “blur” a larger issue. Gan believes the weapons incidents are the latest in a series of ways in which workers on the seat are at risk for “irresponsibility”. The director then described the setting of the Hollywood movie set as “a culture of irrational haste”. Read his full tweet below:

The discussion on firearms on the set is worthwhile. But I’m afraid it now obscures the debate over the many ways in which the established culture of irresponsibility, disregard for security protocols, inappropriate leadership, and pointless persecution on film sets has led to dozens. People have been killed or seriously injured.

– James Gunn (ز James Gunn) October 25, 2021
Gun concerns are justified. Similar to the shooting on set, which dates back to 1915 (when prisoner Cecil B. DeMille was accidentally shot while filming), due to the film’s haste and insecure culture, and many more. Deaths and serious injuries. And TV … Just last week, former Beat Woman star Ruby Rose accused Warner Bros. Television. To create an unsafe work environment. Rose claimed that she was severely injured on Betwoman’s seat and that the stuntman was paralyzed and burned during the stunt work. In addition, the Associated Press estimates that at least 43 people have died on recordings in the United States since 1990, and more than 150 have suffered life-threatening injuries. The frequency is alarming, but it proves Gunn’s view that gun-related deaths in the film industry are just the tip of the iceberg.

Official safety regulations for Hollywood movie sets are already in place for handling props, including instructions never to point a firearm at anyone on the set unless you do so. To say However, as Gunn points out, Hollywood’s culture of rushing and pushing deadlines can often lead to ignoring or completely ignoring security guidelines. Following Hutchins ‘death, there were reports that staff members at the restroom had already expressed concern about the unsafe conditions, amid talk of a workers’ safety strike. How the incident happened could not be confirmed and the tragedy is under investigation. However, Gan’s comments highlight the need to re-evaluate and revise key security protocols in the film industry.

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