Tana Mongeau Jojo Siwa Costume – Tana Mongeau reacts to JoJo Siwa outfit kickback

Tana Mongeau Jojo Siwa Costume – Last week, Tana Mongeau upset fans when she chose to dress as JoJo Siwa for Halloween. The issue wasn’t that she dressed as JoJo, however, that she had sexualized her when she is just 15-year-old.

She had even named the ensemble “Digger Hoe Siwa” yet she has since erased that tweet.

After fans came for her over it, she has set aside the effort to recognize their indignation on the web.

“Hello, folks! saw a few tweets about my Jojo outfit and I just want to explain before things get insane Jojo is an incredible companion of mine and I could never mean to sexualize HER, I in a real sense believe that anything like that is gross as fuck. It was very much like a scandalous student ensemble, young lady scout, or team promoter to me. I thoroughly didn’t view it as such and could never need to! I LOVE Jojo and making insane Halloween outfits and she was advising me to do it! simply needed to tell u my point of view on that before I see anything else.”YouTube star Tana Mongeau is confronting a reaction via online media for her Halloween outfit, in which she depicted a sexualized variant of 15-year-old powerhouse JoJo Siwa.

Tana shared a photograph of the outfit to Twitter on Thursday, which showed her in a pink bra and strap, blue tutu, and JoJo’s particular hair strips. She subtitled the post, “Cultivator HOE SIWA,” and labeled JoJo’s record. Fans quickly raised doubt about the suitability of the outfit, given the way that JoJo is just 15. “[Am] I the just one upset by this….love tana however this feels like the sexualization of a child…” thought of one client. “Regardless of whether she approved of you making this outfit, it is as yet sexualizing a minor,” composed another.

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