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Tokyo Santana Twitter – The 17-year-old from Houston is one of just a modest bunch of ladies who’ve at any point handled a 540-degree flying twist during the contest.

There has never been an Olympic Games very like this present summer’s opposition—which actually conveys the words “Tokyo 2020” in its authority name, despite requiring an entire year delayed. Deferred by and in the long run held during the continuous COVID-19 pandemic, these Olympics have introduced a phenomenal arrangement of difficulties to competitors from Beijing to Berlin to Dallas, every one of whom has been compelled to adjust to at no other time seen snags and conditions to meet all requirements for the occasions they’ve prepared their entire lives to reach. Not every one of them makes it, but rather above fifty athletes and ladies with binds to Texas will address the United States this year, and Texas Monthly has collaborated with June Third Films to recount the accounts of four Olympic hopefuls from our state on their excursions from Texas to Tokyo.

Skating: Thanks to Jordan Santana, Texas Is Poised to Become a Skateboard Mecca

Second, in the series is Jordan Santana. All through the previous year, the seventeen-year-old from Houston had been viewed as one of the top choices to make the three-lady group of riders addressing the country in park skating at the Tokyo Games. She set second at the USA Skateboarding National Championships in May and is one of simply a modest bunch of ladies on the planet equipped for pulling off a confounding 540-degree airborne twist—a stunt that skating insiders accept could be vital to medaling this mid-year. Be that as it may, later in May, at her last passing occasion in Des Moines, an unsteady exhibition made Santana exit dispute during the current year’s Summer Games. Yet, the Olympics’ misfortune has turned into the X Games’ benefit, with Santana scheduled to get back to activity this week at ESPN’s yearly outrageous games spectacle. For Santana, the way to recovery starts Friday at the Women’s skateboard park rivalry in Southern California—and if all works out as expected, it will end with her on the award remain in Paris in 2024.

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